iPhone Wedding Video London

Hey, did you know something I’ve been offering for a while and haven’t really shouted about? iPhone wedding video! It’s a lo-fi highlight wedding video set to upbeat music and it’s the fraction of the price of a proper wedding videographer. I’m not about to tell you I can compete with all the mics, tripods and fancy editing software your full-time wedding videographers have. BUT…that’s kind of not what I’m about. The vast majority of my couples aren’t into the big production. In fact, they want their weddings to feel like a party, not a production at all, and the idea of having more people staring at them with cameras in hand gives them the ick.

Now I’ve introduced the concept of iPhone wedding video to you, let me tell you about Mark and Manj’s big gay wedding. Usually my iPhone wedding videos are an add-on to my wedding photography packages. But, Mark and Manj got in touch just a couple of weeks before their wedding, saying they’d been hunting for someone who does iPhone wedding videos and could I help. That first WhatsApp message had be looking like the heart eye emoji because everything about the wedding sounded amazing. Of course I said yes. And my shoulders got to take a little break from my bulky camera harness.

The Gate Picture House Notting Hilll Wedding Video

Our first stop was actually The Hillgate pub just down the road from their ceremony venue, The Gate Picture House. Notting Hill is a delight of colour and wanting to add to that, Mark and Manj arrived in a pink Cadillac, with the top down, in matching metallic suits and shades (which it turns out might have been masking a hangover from the pre-wedding drinks). After some pre-drinks, it was a quick stroll to The Gate Picture House, where the guests entered the cinema screen, retro buckets of popcorn in hand, to some chilling 80s horror film soundtracks.

Then there was a film, including the audio of their proposal, that got everyone laugh/crying just in time for their entrance. Oh and I did I mention that their proposal centred around Only the Beginning by Jem & the Holograms (where are my 80s cartoon girl group fans?).

Their rings arrived on hand mannequins. They had another Jem & the Holograms reading.

Horizons Hounslow Wedding Video

After an amazing time in Notting Hill, we boarded a couple of buses to Horizons in Hounslow, which is a massive banqueting hall, suitably lit in all pink. When we had our pre-wedding call, Mark and Manj told me that their wedding cake was a 6 tier cake (made mostly of polystyrene) fashioned after Elvis’ wedding cake but more pink and their brief for the cake maker was “vulgar glamour.” They nailed it.

Cue the first of several outfit changes, Mark and Manj made their entrance to West End Girls by the Pet Shop Boys in matching pink suits.

After some great food and emotional speeches, it was party time. The party kicked off with another amazing music/pop culture reference, their first dance was to the Twin Peaks Theme, complete with smoke obscuring the dance floor and red lights aplenty. Followed directly by a live garage singer kicking off the dancing (obviously Mark and Manj joined in on the stage). This kicked off one of the best wedding dance floors I’ve ever seen, it was heaving with bodies from the moment the music started and there was never a moment where it wasn’t lively.

There was also a Vogue Booth, which is my new favourite type of wedding photo booth – think wind machines, silver ticker tape and a slow mo mini-video set to Lady Gaga at the end of it. Here’s mine…

A Gay Wedding with a bridal wear catwalk

OK, what happened next should get you as excited as it did when I first heard about it. “The Marriage of Mark & Manjina” – that’s Manj’s drag alter-ego, who was sporting a 9ft long veil that her family carried ahead of her down the aisle. Followed by an incredible lip-sync to Madonna’s Like a Virgin. AND THEN…maybe my favourite bit of the night (I mean, no, wait, I can’t choose), Manjina opened the bridal wear walk off. Backstage there were racks of wedding dresses, ready for 20 guests to don and walk the catwalk. The two best were picked by the grooms mums and then they dance-battled for the crown.

Oh and then there was just another little outfit change, this time into shorts, shiny trainers and t-shirts with each others names on them, just in time to set the bar on fire for shots and enjoy Mark’s cousins sing Carly Simon’s lesser-known hit “you’re so gay”.

Nice People (Credits)

Videographer – Hannah Mia Photography

Pre-Ceremony Venue – The Hillgate

Ceremony Venue – The Gate Picturehouse, Notting Hill

Reception Venue – Horizons Hounslow

Photo Booth – Event Star