Real, fun, never awkward wedding photography

Hello! I'm Hannah...

I’m a St Albans wedding photographer. I like big hair, car sing-alongs, travelling and the idea of owning a micro pig. I really want to know what your first dance song is (current thoughts on mine – Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room) by Flight of the Conchords).

I wish I had one of those cute stories about picking up a camera when I was just a kid and fireworks going off. I think I actually bought a fancy camera back when Livejournal was a thing to show off to my Internet friends. Oh no. I shouldn’t have told you that! But, what is true, is that I instantly fell in love with photography. I used to photograph models, then I covered live music and burlesque events, and then I realised I could mix my favourite things - people watching, taking photos and love - and become a wedding photographer. I haven’t looked back since. This is so much more than a job, let’s definitely meet up for a drink so I can get to know you and your story. I often go home feeling like I've made new friends and so excited to see you start the next big chapter!

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Other things you might like to know – at some point during our conversation I will probably refer to my dog (Tilly) as though she’s a person; California is my favourite place on Earth; I really want to cover a Vegas wedding; I am pretty fearless and will jump out of a plane with you if that’s what your photos require (or, more likely – mud, mountains, roller coasters, climbing trees, if any of that is part of the deal, I’m more than up for it); I am concerned about the amount of giant Jenga cheating going on at weddings nowadays; I will almost definitely shed a tear or two behind my camera during your speeches. So, you’re thinking about inviting me into your life, it’s only right I do it too. Here are a whole lot of iPhone photos of me! Don’t judge, I haven’t upgraded my phone for about four years.

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