Woolhanger Manor & The Fox & Hounds Country Hotel, Devon Wedding Photography – Melissa & Phil

April 3, 2013 | Weddings

Woolhanger Manor Wedding Photographer

Melissa and Phil were married at Woolhanger Manor in Exmoor. The views were just incredible (making the terrifying drive completely worthwhile) from this little spot and the venue itself is beautiful, with massive gorgeous windows and I fell in love with their candle-lined aisle. Their ceremony was one of the smiliest I've ever seen - Melissa sprung a bit of a surprise on Phil when one of her friends read a Valentine's card from him as her reading - there was so much laughter and it was adorable. You can just tell Phil and Melissa are so happy together because the giggles just kept coming! It was then off to The Fox & Hounds Country Hotel in Chulmleigh, where Melissa and Phil had some gorgeous decorations. Photos of their guests were strung across the ceilings and more photos of the couples sat behind the head table. I just loved their cheese "cake" with mini bunting. When it came to the dancing, Melissa's gorgeous dress became this incredibly mesmerising swirl of petticoats! There were some amazing moves on the dancefloor and a great band. Woolhanger Manor Devon Wedding Photography_001 Woolhanger Wedding Photography_004Woolhanger Wedding Photography_003 Woolhanger Wedding Photography_005 Woolhanger Wedding Photography_006 Woolhanger Wedding Photography_007 Woolhanger Wedding Photography_009 Woolhanger Wedding Photography_013 Woolhanger Wedding Photography_014 Woolhanger Wedding Photography_016 Woolhanger Wedding Photography_017 Woolhanger Wedding Photography_020 Woolhanger Wedding Photography_021 Woolhanger Wedding Photography_025 Woolhanger Wedding Photography_027 Woolhanger Wedding Photography_028 Woolhanger Wedding Photography_029 Woolhanger Wedding Photography_030 Woolhanger Wedding Photography_032 Woolhanger Wedding Photography_033 Woolhanger Wedding Photography_035Woolhanger Wedding Photography_034 Woolhanger Wedding Photography_002 Woolhanger Wedding Photography_036 Woolhanger Wedding Photography_037 Woolhanger Wedding Photography_039 Woolhanger Wedding Photography_040 Woolhanger Wedding Photography_041 Woolhanger Wedding Photography_042 Woolhanger Wedding Photography_043 Woolhanger Wedding Photography_044 Woolhanger Wedding Photography_045 Woolhanger Wedding Photography_046Woolhanger Wedding Photography_047Woolhanger Wedding Photography_049Woolhanger Wedding Photography_048The Fox & Hounds Country Hotel Devon Wedding PhotographyWoolhanger Wedding Photography_063Woolhanger Wedding Photography_062Woolhanger Wedding Photography_054Woolhanger Wedding Photography_055 Woolhanger Wedding Photography_060Woolhanger Wedding Photography_061Woolhanger Wedding Photography_072Woolhanger Wedding Photography_051 Woolhanger Wedding Photography_052 Woolhanger Wedding Photography_056Woolhanger Wedding Photography_071 Woolhanger Wedding Photography_057 Woolhanger Wedding Photography_058Woolhanger Wedding Photography_066The Fox & Hounds Country Hotel Devon Wedding PhotographyWoolhanger Wedding Photography_068Woolhanger Wedding Photography_069Woolhanger Wedding Photography_067Woolhanger Wedding Photography_070 Woolhanger Wedding Photography_078Woolhanger Wedding Photography_074Woolhanger Wedding Photography_075The Fox & Hounds Country Hotel Devon Wedding PhotographyWoolhanger Wedding Photography_076Woolhanger Wedding Photography_077Woolhanger Wedding Photography_079  



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