Venice & Oslo

December 5, 2012 | Personal, Travel

My boyfriend and I went to Venice back in October. I would like to highlight before I post pictures, that my boyfriend doesn't like me posting photos of him, I don't just go on holiday and refuse to take pictures of him! Venice is one of those places I've always wanted to go, in fact, one of the only places that I have consistently wanted to go. We went just after it had flooded, so, it was a bit dead on the first night and we didn't know why. I've seen photos of Venice before, where everything has seemed to be pastel-coloured and I always assumed that was editing, but, it genuinely does seem to have some pastel-based palette, even the water....! It is beautiful! Obviously. One thing I don't understand though - there are a lot of people in Venice feeding pigeons and taking photos with pigeons all over them. Surely that's the thing of nightmares? The dogs on the other hand - I loved the dogs, they were amazing, they all looked very much like you'd imagine Italian dogs would look and were obviously having a great time. VeniceVeniceVeniceVeniceVeniceVenice Shortly afterwards I went to Oslo with my Mum. We only stayed for one night, as we went to see Sondre Lerche on the Norwegian leg of the tour for his new album. I really liked Oslo, it was cold and obviously not the time to go as not much seemed to be going on. But, I did see a giant Lego Harry Potter and discover these crunchy, salty, chocolate things called Smash! and see Sondre Lerche, obviously. Which would have been enough for me anyway. Oh and on the plane as we flew in it looked like a model village - all the perfectly green trees, sparkling blue water and little white houses with red roofs - just lovely. Sondre Lerche Oslo



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