Hannah Mia Wedding Photography Interview (and happy Valentine’s!)

February 15, 2012 | Features, Personal

Happy belated Valentine's day! I hope you had a great one! The boyfriend took me to the zoo and we witnessed a lot of very cold looking animals staring bleakly at their frozen ponds. OK, maybe they weren't staring bleakly... I had a very nice time anyway! A little while ago the lovely people at Wedding Photography Select asked to interview me, of course, I obliged and the interview went live yesterday. Apparently my defining feature is that I like pigs. I would protest, but, the boyfriend sort of ruined that one for me - when I opened my little piggy card I admit I did a bit of a squeal. He knows me far too well... Anyway, if you did want to learn a bit more about what I do when I'm not swooning over pictures of Micro Pigs and wishing that there was some sort of guarantee they wouldn't turn into great big beasts that might eat through my arm in my sleep, then click here.



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