Going Full-Time

March 5, 2012 | Personal

Today is a big day for me. Actually, let's call it a massive day. Today marks my first day as a 100% full-time photographer. I have spent the last year or so juggling a busy wedding photography business and a full-time job in marketing. It was hard work, often exhausting but always incredibly rewarding. Last month I was finally able to hand my notice in and now, I'm very excited to be starting my full-time, self-employed life. I am looking forward to spending even more time chatting with all of the lovely couples that contact me, turning photos around faster, being more flexible with when I meet you and not having to get up at 6.30am to catch a rush-hour train the day after photographing into the night!! More than anything though, I'm just thrilled with my success - I'm so excited that what started as a dream a few years ago has become my career. I realise that I can now join the ranks of people who get to do their dream job and look forward to getting up everyday and stuck into something they're incredibly passionate about. I feel very lucky to have been able to make this happen and I really am incredibly thankful to every last couple that has supported me, booked me and been generally lovely to deal with - it's what makes me excited to do what I do! I'm a photographer, so, of course, I wanted some photos to support this post. I was hoping to find a photo of me aged three, clutching a disposable camera in my sticky hands, so that I could claim that I was destined to be a photographer...I mean, I was photographing before I could write, wasn't I...? After trawling through old photos and files, I discovered no such photo exists. Perhaps I wasn't all that excited about photography as a kid. So I thought I'd show you what I did want to be When I Grew Up.     A ballerina. Obviously.   A rockstar. Not sure I'm entirely over this one.   A zoologist or a vet. Around the age of fourteen my deadly allergy to cats, rabbits and anything that isn't a dog, started to appear which put an end to this. My lack of interest in Science and unease around blood were probably also deciding factors... A bride. I'm working on this one. And then...a photographer.



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