I’m Hannah, founder of Hannah Mia Photography – Hertfordshire wedding photographers and your new favourite awkward-wedding-photo fighting team.

Music is a really big deal around here, so, let’s talk about what your first dance song is (current thoughts on mine – Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room) by Flight of the Conchords).

I started Hannah Mia Photography 9 years ago (when I was 22, yikes!), so we’ve basically grown up watching people get married. Together, we’ve covered over 350 weddings and we’ve seen everything…I mean, literally everything, World of Warcraft weddings, mid-ceremony streakers, ambulance visits…just you try to faze us…!

Here at Hannah Mia Photography we don’t take stuff too seriously. My team and I are all about helping you pull off a wedding that is the most fun (like that one incredible house party you had when you were a teenager – but with better outfits, less angst and no throwing up); real (full of all the laughter, tears and feels); and never-awkward (you know how it hurts thinking of being photographed? We’ve got you, we feel the same and we have a whole lot of experience making it quick, painless and maybe even enjoyable).





meet the team



Founder, client liaison, 80s music enthusiast

Cheesy music connoisseur, car dancer and will definitely tell you at least one travelling story per conversation.

My focus is on your experience. I make sure you have the best member of the team for your vibe, some gif-laden emails to celebrate each step of the planning process and I’m your very niche wedding info treasure trove.



Bat-eared rescue terrier, office gymnast

She may not have the dexterity in her paws or colour perception to take your photos, but she’s an integral part of team morale.

Suki takes responsibility for the office exercise regimen and oversees all package deliveries.




Photographer, mamma, gin lover

Harry Potter fan, lusting after a home by the sea and big time family girl.

Our resident barn and outdoor wedding specialist. Ash will be all over your dance floor when the music starts, capturing an incredible sunset when the sun goes down and nerding out with you during the day.



Photographer, vegan, saxophone star

Music graduate, overly competitive with a board game and Pinterest obsessed.

Kat does it all, from an intimate registry office do to a fancy manor house. All she asks is that you bring your pets. Seriously though… Kat will get stuck in there with you, acting as deputy bridesmaid, petting all the dogs, and capturing the laughter along the way.


We’re concerned about the amount of giant Jenga cheating going on at weddings nowadays.
We’re a pretty fearless bunch and will jump out of a plane with you if that’s what your photos require (or, more likely – mud, mountains, roller coasters, climbing trees, if any of that is part of the deal, we’re more than up for it).
There is a real lack of buttonhole-attaching education out there. We’re thinking of filming some tutorials.
We will almost definitely shed a tear or two behind our cameras during your speeches. It’s an occupational hazard.


Hannah Mia Photography

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