Body Image Coaching To Get You Wedding Ready

Dreading being a fat bride? 

Let’s be real…if you’re anything like I used to be, the idea of getting married fat feels a bit ludicruous. You’re sure you’re supposed to be shredding for the wedding. But, that wedding diet didn’t go the way you hoped, or you knew that you weren’t OK to do yet another yo-yo diet that made you feel the absolute worst.

If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place. I’ve done a lot of work on my body image and reached this real, “I’m fat, I don’t care, I’m going to be happy anyway,” stage. And then I got engaged. I learnt that the wedding industry is screaming at us that the only way to have what we want is to be thin. That wedding dress on your Pinterest board? Only goes up to a size 16. That emotional dress try on experience where your Mum cries and you toast with Prosecco? Nope, you’re going to be shoved into a windowless corridor with the two plus size dresses they sell that are still gaping open at the back. And WHY is everyone asking you how much weight you’re going to lose before the wedding and suddenly commenting every time you put a carb near your mouth?!

So, if you’re beating yourself up about not losing weight for the wedding, having nightmares about how you’ll look in your wedding photos, or just dreading the whole thing because you feel fat, ugly and like a failure…I’ve got a wedding glow up that will change the rest of your life and doesn’t require calorie counting.

What if…wait for it…instead of losing weight or sweating in shapewear, you could change how you felt about yourself, your size and fat people in general?

What if, even though the wedding industry is trying its hardest to bruise your self-esteem, you felt the most confident, lovable and worthy you’ve ever felt?

What if your weight wasn’t even a conversation any more and you were excited to get in the pool on your honeymoon instead of dreading getting your legs out?

What if you could feel like the wedding industry was failing you, you weren’t failing yourself by being fat?

What if you could change nothing about yourself but suddenly feel beautiful, sexy and fall absolutely in love with yourself in your wedding photos?

I can help you get there.

Plus help you shut down that auntie who keeps texting you articles about having lipo in Turkey. Have great comebacks when the shop assistants in the dress shop ask how much weight you’ll be losing. And have you belly laughing, double-chin and all in your photos without wondering if it’ll be unflattering.

HOW Does Body Image Coaching Work?

So, how does body image coaching work? It’s simple. We can work together for a one-off session or for a course of six sessions, at any point before your wedding, whether it’s the day you get engaged or the week before the big day.

Coaching sessions are optimistic, we won’t dwell too much on all the crap that got you to where you are, but rather how we’re going to change it so you can look forward to the future. You’ll also feel seen, heard and understood in a way you haven’t before, by someone who has been there and made the changes you want.

We’ll meet over video call and work on the big, ugly, wedding-ruining thoughts that are low key tormenting you. So that you can go into your wedding…and your marriage…and your life…feeling the incredible weight of self-loathing and shame off your shoulders.

You’re booking your facials, manicures and all the other beauty treatments to look your best on your wedding day…but what are you doing about your brain to make sure you feel your best?

Contact Me About Body Image Coaching

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What’s the damage?


I’ve been where you are. I went on my first diet at 12 years old and spent the next 20 years letting my weight dictate everything in my life.

I’ve been a certified life coach since 2019. I’ve also been a wedding photographer since 2011. So, I get what it’s like to be fat and I get what the wedding world is like.

My own life coach changed my life and helped me stop putting off living until I lost weight. I would never have met my fiance without this work. Or bought my own house. Or even considered planning a wedding without a very extreme diet plan.

And what makes me even angrier than the wedding industry being stuck in the dark ages, is the idea that so many absolutely wonderful fat people are out there, dreading their weddings, ruining this big, milestone event, because they think they have to change their body rather than just change how they think about it.

Wait, who are you?

Before you message me, you might want to know who I am!

I’m Hannah, body acceptance coach at Hannah Mia Coaching, wedding photographer at Hannah Mia Photography, life-time fatty, and planning my Vegas wedding for next year.

You may also know me as The Fat Bride on TikTok.