No cheesy poses, no standing around for hours, all the laughter, tears and dance moves
You probably die a little inside at the idea of being photographed. Let’s be honest, it’s not my favourite thing either, in fact, that’s part of the reason I became a photographer – more time behind the lens, less in front. And the idea of spending hours lined up with a parade of distant cousins, while your canapés and drinks sail by, is definitely not how you want to spend your wedding day. You are planning a laid-back wedding, with a big emphasis on fun and all the things that make you happy. And you want to enjoy every moment of that, safe in the knowledge it’s all being documented by a pro.
“We both hated the idea of staged photos and set out to find someone who did the opposite…she was so friendly and accommodating to our request for fun photos and the final results were all we hoped for. She managed to capture the ethos of our wedding fun perfectly.”
The chance of me making you hold hands around a tree trunk is…



I deliver amazing photos that you’re going to treasure forever. I’m going to blend into the background and then strike at exactly the right moment. I’ll be capturing a ton of things you’re too wrapped up in the moment to even see, but, that will make you chuckle or cry when you’re flicking through your album. Oh, but, it’s so much more than that! I’ll be your friend for the day; your wedding planning advisor; drinking buddy (not ON the day, guys, I am a lightweight and we don’t want 800 wonky photos of my feet now); chief dress fluffer; drink/bouquet/make-up fetcher; speech laugher (my Mum does this thing where she laughs at bad jokes on TV because she feels bad for the comedian, it’s contagious, I will definitely laugh to fill up any awkward pauses); buttonhole expert; confetti choreographer; general calming presence. I’ve been doing this a long time now and what I’ve learned is that being a wonderful wedding photographer is a balancing act. I obviously always have my mind on how to get the best shot and an eye out for touching moments, beautiful locations and lighting. But, I am not going to take over your wedding, this isn’t the Hannah Mia show, and as much as I’m sure we’re going to be the best of friends, you should not be spending more than half an hour focused on photos during your wedding day. I want to add to that joy, enable it to happen more smoothly and record it for you relive over and over.
“We cannot recommend Hannah enough! From the first chat we had with her to discuss our ideas, to receiving the final photos, everything was perfect. Many of our guests commented how they didn’t even notice a photographer and felt really comfortable, which was exactly what we wanted as we were looking for something very natural, with random, funny moments being captured. We absolutely love our photos and are so grateful to Hannah for capturing everything so perfectly.”


My pricing is a bit like a create your own pizza – start with all of the below (classic margherita) and then build from there (except unlike a pizza there will be no cheese). Pop me a message for a fancy little price list with all the details, including shorter coverage, weekday rates and printed goodies.

As a guide, my couples usually spend around £1,895 for full day coverage

No image limits! I won’t stop editing at a certain point. On average, a full days coverage will deliver you anywhere from 600 to 900 images

A proper (and sometimes off-topic) video chat and access to me via email (I will almost definitely reply with too many exclamation marks and maybe add appropriate gifs) or phone to answer any questions you may have in the run up to the day

A USB of high resolution, individually edited images
An online password protected gallery (so you don’t have to share 800 photos on Facebook)

Me cheering you on and doing the job of ten very knowledgable bridesmaids


Getting married abroad? Sign me up! Eloping or having a tiny mid-week ceremony? I love these! Send me a message for a special quote.


Shoot me a message right now and tell me about your plans. I can’t wait!


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