iPhone Wedding Videos

Lo-fi video, no tripods, mics or cheesy poses

You want video, but, you don’t want 10 extra cameras pointed at you, or several more people trailing around after you. And, gah, you definitely don’t want to have to hear your own voice stumbling nervously over your vows or speech.

iPhone wedding videos are for you if you want something that probably won’t win any film awards, but, is going to tell the story of your wedding, the laughs, tears and dancemoves, without turning your day into a big production.

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Wedding Videos for couples who want a video but also don’t want a video

It’s a video. Filmed on my phone. Not to toot my own horn, but, I’m almost definitely better at this than your guests wielding their phones (or…the horror…iPads!). And not to brag, but, I’ve got me a fancy iPhone 14 Pro (oooh).

It’s a 3-8 minute highlight trailer. Your video tells the story, captures the feeling, shows all the smiles, laughter and tears…but without all the hassle of a full-on videographer.

What it is

  • A lo-fi, unobtrusive way to record all the best bits and the feeling of the day
  • Recorded on my iPhone…but…better than those inexplicable wonky couple of second clips your cousin will put on Instagram
  • An edited highlight trailer set to music, to get all the good stuff without having to hear your own voice
  • A great alternative if you don’t want to spend the dough on a videographer or have all those extra cameras pointed at you

What it isn’t

  • A big production with 10 extra cameras, tripods and mics in your face
  • The same as a videographer – like I said, there’s not a ton of kit going on, so, don’t expect crystal clear audio or slow mo pans
  • Cheesy, awkward and “stare into each others eyes for ten minutes” weirdness

Psst…there will be zero hard feelings if you book a videographer, in fact, I know a ton of amazing ones I can recommend! Ask me for my supplier recommendations when you book.


iPhone Wedding Videos are for photography clients only. That means, when you book your coverage, I’ll be filming for however long you’ve booked me for. If you’ve already got your photography booked in with me, you can most definitely add a video in, just pop me a message.

iPhone Wedding Videos are £299

Usually between 3 – 8 minutes of happy faces

If my mic picks up some good audio, it might be included, but, expect an upbeat highlight reel set to music (I promise to find the best royalty free music my little ears can hunt down)

All the key moments and a whole ton of atmosphere included

Delivered on your photo USB in high res as well as for online download


Whether you want your photo and video bundled together, or you’ve already booked me and want to add video, let’s have a chat about it.


Shoot me a message right now and tell me about your plans. I can’t wait!



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