Kath and Simon drove down to St Albans to meet me for a quick engagement shoot last weekend. The weather was the perfect mix of drizzle, gale force winds and squint-worthy sun and we had to contend with starting guns firing every ten minutes from the neighbouring field!

That said, it was great to finally meet them after having been rained off before and I am so looking forward to their eighteen hour wedding extravaganza in October!

Take note of Simon’s man-gagement ring in the obligatory ring shot!

St Albans Engagement PhotographySt Albans Engagement PhotographySt Albans Engagement PhotographySt Albans Engagement Photography



Now then, I’m a terrible blogger – I’ve got this lovely “new” blog, with a fancy pants image rotator and I haven’t put it to good use!

But, you’ll be pleased to hear that during my absence I’ve been a busy bee – turning twenty-three, passing my driving test (finally!), seeing Two Door Cinema Club at Brixton Academy, going to Get Loaded in the Park festival, booking lots of lovely weddings for the summer and having a website overhaul, I’ve spruced up both my sites and even had a logo designed! A little peak below:

Hannah Mia Wedding Photography
Hannah Mia Photography

And I have a couple of shots from my recent engagement shoot with Kath and Simon to share with you soon! So stay tuned!

Dortmund Christmas Market, Germany
My boyfriend & I visited Dortmund in Germany at the beginning of December to see the Christmas Markets. It was lovely, full of gawdy lights, sparkling snow & lovely old buildings. Of course, it was absolutely freezing & I made the most of the snow boots my boyfriend had bought me in preparation & our flights home were delayed massively by snow & air strikes. But, all in all we had a great time & I’d very much recommend it if I hadn’t resolved to never fly during the winter period again.

Dortmund Christmas Market, Germany
This Christmas tree is apparently the biggest in the world, made up of 1,700 smaller trees. It was absolutely amazing.

Dortmund Christmas Market, Germany

Dortmund Christmas Market, Germany

Hot Chocolate & Amaretto in limited edition mugs (that I clearly stole & took home).


Dortmund Christmas Market, Germany

Dortmund Christmas Market, Germany

In the centre of one of the market squares was a little fairytale set up, this is the witch from Hansel & Gretel (with real snow). She was pretty creepy with those scary eyes & was stooped at a level ideal for terrifying children (we did see a few kids looking very distressed).

Dortmund Christmas Market, GermanyDortmund Christmas Market, Germany

This was the day we got on the train to go to the zoo which was set in a park, but, it was desolate & a bit Scooby Doo creepy, so we just went for a walk around the park instead.


The boyfriend also got me a Lensbaby Muse (as well as lots of other lovely things) for Christmas. I have no idea how to use it, but, I am very excited about getting to test it out properly when it’s not so dark & miserable outside. The joy I’ve got out of squeezing & smushing it alone has made it worthwhile, never mind the fact I’m sure I’ll be able to take some fantastic shots with it when I get my head around how to use it.


  1. Clive Morris said:
    Hi, some nice pics there Hannah! I'm doing a feature on Christmas markets for Wizz, the inflight magazine for Wizz Air. Is there any chance of a brief two minute chat on the phone or via email regarding the Dortmund market? It a vox pop thing!


    November 9, 2012  9:27 am