Business coaching for wedding photographers who love taking photos but don’t know much about this business stuff

Are you a wedding photographer, but you’re not sure you’re doing this business thing right?

Maybe you’re busy doing all the things (oh, plus actually taking photos and editing and treating your clients like your best buds) and it’s just not paying off.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a steady, reliable flow of clients coming into your business? Even without a crippling social media posting schedule? And wouldn’t it be even more amazing if these clients were not only there, but they were your dream clients, they get your weird sense of humour and their wedding is basically like a big party you’d buy tickets for?

That’s basically what my business is like. My couples genuinely are as much fun as they look in their photos and I love working with them. It’s no accident that they find me though, I have a proven way to get those perfect clients coming my way. Oh and my social media game is weak (don’t panic, I’m always fully booked) – I rely on SEO to get the eyes of my dream couples on my website. In fact, I’ve spent £0 on advertising in the last 5 years, thanks to being front-page on Google.




I launched my wedding photography business back when I was 21 years old. Back then I had only ever been to two weddings (and I was under the age of 10 at both!), I had no money, no experience and definitely no Facebook groups to seek advice in. Even so, within 7 months of photographing my first wedding, I handed my notice in, took my business full-time and that first year I earned double what I was getting paid in full-time employment.

Wedding photographers have one huge problem – they care more about the creative stuff than the business side. Personally, I’m a business nerd, I studied Economics & Business at university and I always wanted to run my own business. So when I realised I wasn’t half bad at taking photos I got to marry (see what I did there) two things I was super passionate about to create a business that supported my life, my dreams and my semi-nomadic lifestyle.

It’s my mission to get you as excited about nailing the business stuff as you are about finally perfecting skin tones in Lightroom. And even if I can’t do that, I most definitely want you playing big, working with couples that you adore and earning more than enough to support the life you want.

I offer a 1:1 coaching and mentoring programme, and at certain times of year, you can join me in my group programme Double Down Bootcamp (where we focus on building a business around what you’re good at).


Exactly how we work together will be based on your goals and where your business is at right now, so, let’s get dressed from the waist up and chat about what you need on Zoom – pop me a message for more info/to book in a call.

While you’re working on that, here’s a list of what to expect when you work with me.

All the clarity on your goals…and I don’t mean those boring, “I’d be happy just scraping by,” ones…I mean the buying your dream house or Canon/Sony/Fuji/Nikon (no favourites) ambassador kind

A really solid and reliable flow of clients – bulletproof SEO that is going to get all the right eyes on your business, so you never have to wonder where your clients are coming from again – or worry that if you take a week off from social media you’re basically invisible

Sales skills – yup, ick-free selling that’s going to make you confident to go sell the things. Also…pricing that gets you excited and let’s you buy that new camera with no guilt

A brain built for success – no seriously though, us creatives are riddled with mindset issues…Imposter Syndrome and a bizarre relationship with money – we’ll shatter these all and have your brain on board for success
Some super sexy business strategy – I’m talking having an actual business plan, where you’re doing everything with intention and towards your ultimate goals

All 1:1 with me (Hannah) – our programme is built around you – we’ll meet weekly on Zoom, with messenger support between calls, because I want to know exactly what your version of success is, catch you in all your self-sabotage and cheer you on as you smash those goals


Let’s have a chat by email or jump straight on a call to talk about what’s going to help you take your business to the moon (I mean, if you’re in the astronaut wedding photography business, if not, you know…we’ll just help you figure out how to achieve your goals).

Shoot me a message right now.