I’m Hannah, founder of Hannah Mia Photography – Hertfordshire wedding photographer and your new favourite awkward-wedding-photo fighter.

Music is a really big deal around here, so, let’s talk about what your first dance song is (current thoughts on mine – Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room) by Flight of the Conchords). 

I started Hannah Mia Photography 13 years ago (when I was 22, yikes!), so I’ve basically grown up watching people get married. I’ve covered over 450 weddings and seen everything…I mean, literally everything, World of Warcraft weddings, mid-ceremony streakers, ambulance visits…just you try to faze me…! 

I don’t take stuff too seriously – it’s all about helping you pull off a wedding that is the most fun (like that one incredible house party you had when you were a teenager – but with better outfits, less angst and no throwing up); real (full of all the laughter, tears and feels); and never-awkward (you know how it hurts thinking of being photographed? I’ve got you, I feel the same and have a whole lot of experience making it quick, painless and maybe even enjoyable). 

This is so much more than a job. I often go home feeling like I’ve made new friends and so excited to see you start the next big chapter! 





I really care about being a fat positive wedding photographer. I’m tracking my own plus size wedding planning journey on TikTok here…I’ve also just launched a fat friendly wedding supplier directory here. If you’re a plus size person getting married, you deserve what everyone else has and I’ll make sure you get it!

I just got engaged! We’re eloping to Vegas…and yes, we will be getting married by Elvis

I am pretty fearless and will jump out of a plane with you if that’s what your photos require (or, more likely – mud, mountains, roller coasters, climbing trees, if any of that is part of the deal, I’m more than up for it).

California is my favourite place on Earth, talk to me about American road trips and I’ll fall in love